19 June 2019

Woodblock Wednesday - the quest for deep and even colour continues

At the start of the day -
Blocks tweaked to bring in more white

Earlier prints (two versions)
 Each of these had been overprinted to try to get a deep and even colour -
Cyan gouache, with a little viridian hue mixed in
 First try with the second block was pale on top of the splotches -
Indigo, looking quite black!
Splotchy block with the indigo re-inked - a bit better, but still an example for me "how not to print" series -
I'd been using "the shoebrush" to apply the colour, and switched to using it to apply nori - that worked a lot better, in fact in overprinting it got rid of the splotchiness. Also I thinned the paint quite a lot, and made consistent brushstrokes, lightly, before printing -
Back to the indigo "curls" - definitely not deep&even enough! I didn't want to risk misregistration so instead of inking the entire plate, I did it half at a time -
 At the end of the day -


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