27 May 2020

Woodblock Wednesday - the octopus

Two weeks ago I took home this jolly octopus drawn by a child who was soliciting donations for the NHS - you got to choose a picture when you donated - how could I resist! Suddenly it seemed a good idea to use it for a woodcut -
Having traced it down "wrong way round" I started again -
 and started cutting -

 Ready to print the first layer, but what colours to use? I tried out a few combinations, in watercolours -

This rubbing of the block, with paint added, made me wonder whether it shouldn't have been left "wrong way round" -
 A couple more attempts, with accoutrements -
an octopus's garden...

"must check my map, it should be here somewhere"
 First prints -
 More prints -
13 in all, most on paper from a hosho pad, with inevitably grainy results, whereas the other papers gave a good print.

This will be a reduction print of three or four layers. First, cut out the spots on the body.

 A couple more prints, with white spots -

 Adding a second layer, yellow over yellow and over blue -

 Still trying out colour combinations -

 Adding red, and a purplish blue -

The next layer(s) will make a difference. Of some sort!

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