12 October 2021

Drawing Tuesday - apples and pears (or Crossrail Garden)

Some of us went to Crossrail Place roof garden at Canary Wharf (https://canarywharf.com/open-spaces/crossrail-place-roof-garden/) ; for those not inclined to travel or be (sort of) outdoors, the topic was "apples and pears" - which is cockney rhyming slang for stairs. Or else it's fruit. Or "pairs" could be anything - a pair of pears, possibly. So, plenty of scope.

This 21-minute video shows watercolour used for three simple fruits - apples, pears (and plums) -

Though Cezanne probably used oils, not watercolour -

From Janet K - My drawing of a canna.

From Gill - Just played around with blot drawings. I prefer the bottom two on the left.

From Janet B - what fun it is to sit quietly drawing on a Sunday afternoon. Conference pears and pink ladies

From Ann - For the theme apples and pears...stairs...here is a watercolour sketch of the stairs to the entrance of St Paul's.

From Richard - My trite conceit required artificial light in our hall on this overcast day which was not very clever of me. Fun anyway.

From Sue K - Crossrail garden was awash with autumnal trees & plants. Here’s my sketch of a clump of cannas - maroon & green leaved. Such good shaped leaves. 

From Jo - All I had was one melon! Coloured brush-pens, glorified felt tips really.

From Joyce - I haven’t sketched apples and pears but autumn leaves from my local woods! They inspired me more...


From me - Rear view of Michael Lyons' "Shepherd of the Sun", 1994 - from the vantage point of a convenient bench

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