02 November 2021

Drawing Tuesday - shards (or Wellcome Collection)

The meeting place this week was the Wellcome Collection. The stay-at-home topic was Shards. 

A shard is defined as "a piece of broken ceramic, metal, glass, or rock, typically having sharp edges". A chance to look closely at one's collection of broken pottery found in the garden, seaglass (atypically not "having sharp edges"!), chipped rocks, pottery bits found mudlarking along the Thames, or even revive happy memories of visits to the Petrie Museum!

From Jo -  delftware from the Thames

From Gill - cut pieces of card that I may print with

From Ann - a ceramic shard in watercolour

From Sue K - "Closing Neural Tube" by Helen and Kate Storey, Wellcome Library

From Carol - . This is ‘The World Under Pressure’, remembering those who have died around the world through the explosions of faulty pressurised containers.

From Judith - Welcome Collection ‘World Under Pressure’

From Joyce - First one’s the best. Celia Pym 2015

Celia had a residency in the Dissecting Room at King’s College where she stitched while the medical students studied anatomy around her.
These socks, there were many more than these four, were intentionally cut , anticipating ares where they are likely to be worn through , then stitched , carrying out preventative care.
I used coloured pencils suggesting the darned stitches.

From Najlaa - This is from Welcome collection. I printeded the picture from the web site in 2016. I just now tried to draw the shape.

From Janet B - Here is my astronaut from the Wellcome last week. [By Yinka Shonibare.]  Again, a 2B and no rubbing out. 

From me - After a power cut that started in the middle of the night and left me without charge on my phone - so while drawing the shadows in the wall panelling I plugged in my charger and "stole" some of the Wellcome's electricity and before long was told this was Not Allowed - well, I skulked downstairs to the caf and kept out of trouble by drawing some chairs -

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