19 June 2010

Painting, week 9

At the start of my final week of the course, the painting needed some of the collaged elements turning into paint, and the stonework improving. Quite a lot to do in a three-hour class that includes about a half hour of getting set up, a tea break midway (optional), and a half hour for review and cleanup -
First, stamping the acres of blank space, painting round "Mr Fox" and painting in a "path" for the severed hand -
The fleeing woman has been converted from cutout to paint, and there's been some shaping on the stonework -
Final version - rather different from my first ideas, all those weeks ago, or even the intermediate stages -
A chance finding of a reference photo made all the difference, augmented by the serendipity of the collage session.

The collage session was useful for other people as well - Cathy's story was of her husband's cycling accident during a race - when she did the collage (below) the format changed completely. The colour-squares background are a legacy of the colour mixing day -
Mary's painterly photo (again on the colour-squares background)
took a different shape as a result of the collage -
Joanna's song of the bed started out literally
and became something more abstract -
The focus on one story, the development through the different strands of drawings, colour, collage - it's been a journey for me, and obviously for others in the class as well.

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