03 June 2010

Spot the yellow and lime green budgie

The sign, posted round the corner from Redchurch Street, E1, reads: "Lost!! 1 much-loved BUDGIE he is yellow and lime green, his name is "Squarky". If you see himplease call Kyra )... P.S. He was last seen on Redcurch Street on the 23rd of May."

And then in red: "I actually Found him! Cheers!"


Jane Flower said...

Margaret, I have been reading your blog (and enjoying it very much) from near Bunbury, Western Australia for a couple of months. When I read this post I was astounded as my cousin's wife is called Kyra and they are living in London at the moment. My aunt told me recently that they have a budgie. My aunt tells me that it is indeed the very same Andrew and Kyra's budgie. What a very small world we live in!!!!

Peta Power said...

Wanted to say that Kyra was most impressed with the concern shown by the British public to what was originally thought to be a hopeless task, finding a small budgie in a bit city. With the help of posters and emails and the co-operation of neighbours Squarky was return to the 'nest'after 2 days of frantic searching. Maybe should be re-named, 'Lucky'.
Anyway a big thank you to all concerned from over here in Western Australia. Maybe budgie will return to his roots one day!