25 January 2013

Art quilts I like

Fridays, there's the SAQA Art Quilt News email newsletter to look forward to. Usually there's one quilt shown in this listing of exhibitions of art quilts that really appeals to me, so I go looking for more of that artist's work (by searching on their name plus "art quilt" in Images). Often I use this research for an "Art I Like" blog post.

Today the newsletter contains three pieces that particularly appeal to me. The first is by Cynthia St Charles -
Winter Birds (detail)
I love the colours she's used in this prizewinning piece, and the subject matter - I'm a sucker for art with little birds on it. Cynthia shows her quilt-making process on her blog.

Next, Deborah Kuster -
"Living Off The Land" 30x22inches
Deborah lives in Arkansas and uses handweaving and objects in her work.

Finally, Emily Richardson -
Her subtle colours and semi-transparent layers (silk and hand stitch) aren't something I'd try to replicate ... rather, they are to enjoy, contemplate, and admire.

You can find the latest newsletter via saqa.com/news.php; click on "art quilt news" in the sidebar. On the newsletter is a link for joining the mailing list.

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Sandra Wyman said...

Think our tastes have coincided - these are the three that sprung out at me as well...