21 January 2013

London Art Fair

Some things that appealed to me, in no particular order (and not to scale) -
Robert Sargent Austin (1895-1973),  Deer (1929)
Pisarro, Buttercups, Colchester 1911
Yuji Oki,  Lost in Blue
Winifred Nicholson (this one is lovely too)
Tessa Traeger, part of Chemistry of Light; see more here or at Purdy Hicks till 21 Feb
Terri Brooks, Variation Stripes, 91x76cm (image from her blog
Letters on a whitened book page, by Vito Drago
Rebecca Salter, 160x180cm
David Pearce, The House Beside the Lake [precarious!]
Ffiona Lewis (oil painted with palette knife) and Annabel Gault (ink and wax)
Juan Carlos Stekelman, Excited Woman (1969)
Pinhole camera captures horses on Port Meadow - Horse Latitudes by Antonia Bruce
Sublime mixed-media pieces by Hilary Ellis
Kevin Sinnott, Bit of a Wind Got Up, 2008
Sarah Ball


Olga said...

Thank you for those links - I could spend all day on them!

NNOsman said...

Writing and Art should never be apart. Use paraphrasing website online to help you more.