16 January 2013

Loot - all this for a tenner

A bit of a browse at the all-too-convenient charity shop yielded these. At top left, a boxed set - "La Alhambra. Cuaderno de dibujos Miguel Rodriguez-Acosta" and "Palabras para un cuaderno Antonio Munoz Molina" - priced at £2 ... I couldn't just leave it there, beautifully bound and boxed ...

The art book is for dipping into, the others for reading - but at the rate I'm buying novels at the moment, it's a ratio of four books in, one book out. Copious reading, or sustained reading for that matter, is currently a fantasy - reading only happens in bed, in the bath, on the train. Apparently some people curl up on the sofa and read all afternoon ... must try that sometime!

I justify the "bookshop" visits as part of the search for used copies of the books on various wish lists, but seem to come away with entirely new ones. Perhaps I'm not alone in this affliction?

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