07 January 2013

Colourful inspiration

This weekend's rug-hooking workshop with Annie Sherburne was really inspiring! I had taken along these sedate colours -
but Annie provided choice from a couple of trolley-loads of wonderful yarns and fabric strips (including dyed wool blankets), which encouraged me to break out into using some delicious colours and a variety of textures -

On the table is Annie's "journey piece" - the idea is that as you walk on the rug, the landscape underfoot is continually changing -
First we combined different types and colours of yarns and fabric into "tassels", and then Annie showed us how to use the Brown's tool -

I couldn't wait to cut the loops of my little mat, but on reflection prefer it uncut -
On the left are the delicious bundles of colour made during the workshop - and next day, I took the remaining bits of yarn and combined them with the dull stuff I'd taken along ... two hours of sheer play -
Even the dull ones look colourful, taken one by one -
Outcomes: purchase of a copy of Annie's book, revival of an interest in colour combining, and a desire to break out into wild woolly hooking!

The Brown's tool is also called a rag rugger - see how it works here.


Jane Housham said...

So inspiring, thank you. I've got the book on my Amazon wishlist now as well. Great colours and textures.

Kathleen Loomis said...

these are delicious! what's a Browns tool?