24 January 2013

Consider the Olive - fabric selection

Olives come, depending on ripeness, in shades of "their" green, brown, black - the brown even tending to pink, depending on variety. And there are backgrounds and other elements to consider. It's all rather chaotic at the moment...

The hand-dyed fabric at centre top is perfect olive colours - I used it for With Every Heartbeat a few years back, in the CQ "Thin Blue Line" show. Often it's the dull, assuming fabrics that turn out to be most useful.

So many fabrics come with their memories! On the left is the "gingko" fabric, a raffle prize, that led to the Gingko Gold quilt that sold in London Quilters' show in 2008, and on the right some discharge dye made at Bob Adams' workshop at Festival of Quilts in 2007 (he made a video about the discharge process there).

Now, the development of the Olive Idea ... I've had some mad thoughts about what olives might get up to in the world if they were creatures rather than vegetation ... or if they were points on a map ... or if they were states of mind ... which is all mad fun but perhaps better realised in a medium other than fabric ...

So, some drawing. That roundish shape has its attractions, and it has its limitations. But in the doing is the thinking, so the more drawing the better -

The colours of the photos come from playing around in Photoshop - adjusting the Levels of red, green, and blue in a photo taken under incandescent light (rather than daylight), which came out yellow-looking. (I should have changed the setting on the camera - or waited till later in the day.)

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