30 January 2013

Paula Rego's new show

"Dame with the goat's foot and other stories" includes several copies of hand-coloured prints - each with a rather different emotional tone, not through the colours used per se, but in the way they are used tonally and to highlight different components of the print.

Also in the show, unsettling but compelling pastels, and a 3D version (a sculptural maquette; the figures are fascinatingly constructed) of Rego's latest work, The Playground.
Dame with the Goat’s Foot (II), 2011-12 (singing on the hill-top) Pastel on paper, 150 x 170 cm (image from here)
"The centre piece of the exhibition will be a series of six large pastels inspired by Alexandre Herculano’s 19th century story, A Dama Pé-de-Cabra, romance de um jogral (The Goat-Footed Lady, romance of a minstrel), a powerful and captivating tale originally dating back to the XIth Century. This series was shown in collaboration with Adriana Molder (b. 1975) at the Casa das Historias Paula Rego in Cascais from July – October 2012. "

See her works past and present on the gallery's website, .marlboroughfineart.com - better yet, see them in person till 1st March. And if it's a review of the show you're after, try howtospendit.ft.com/art/17881-visual-tales-of-the-beautiful-grotesque, from which we learn that those hand-coloured etchings are priced at £18K.

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