21 December 2014

Background to grids

Aspects of past work that feed into the "grids" idea
Irregular grids of city maps
and by extension, maps of museums with their structure of rooms
Are portolan charts grids?

Gridded pseudo-maps, reminiscent of kuba cloth patterns

gridded book pages

gridded quilting
Images found on the internet that feed into my gridded, structural thinking -
Karen Goetzinger (via)
Gridded facade of the Bodleian Library (via)
A grid by Gego (via)
source lost, but isn't it a wonderful structure?

a multiplicity of shapes within the gridded roof of the Great Court at the British Museum

Gridded drawings by Clare Smith - see more here

Deleuze conceives of the grid as territorialised "State Space", inside which movement becomes fixed and tribal. Hmm ... how to break that fixity, disorganise things a bit?

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