12 December 2014

Page layout

In recent days - getting on for weeks! - I've been distracted from art pursuits (and serious blogging) by the need to put together a newsletter. I'm using InDesign, as it's the program I know best, and putting articles on the page hasn't been too much of a problem. Getting the articles into a cogent sequence has provided a few headaches, as it's good to have them as page spreads where possible, and starting at the top of a page if possible. This means printouts, and physical shuffling of pages, on my knees on the floor - after which, moving pages on screen is a doddle.
Although InDesign is the program I know best, there is much about it I've not yet figured out - lining up columns of text, for instance, and ohdearohdear, hyperlinks. There will be a print version, without hyperlinks obviously, and also an online version: a pdf with clickable links (how luxurious is that!). Belatedly I've realised that the URLs in the print version, which import themselves as hyperlinks, contain tedious http:// and www. - which are no longer necessary when you type a URL, and on the page are just extra characters getting in the way. So out they will come, even at this late point, even though they may change the page layout slightly here or there... Before that - something I should have thought about sooner - the links all need checking. There seem to be 84 in the issue, two a page, can that be?

As quickly as the morning has gone, the afternoon will fly past as The Hyperlink Issue gets sorted.


magsramsay said...

Look forward to reading it!!

Olga Norris said...

Ah yes, the deceptive 'ease' of using a design program. But I guess it is still preferable to the old cow gum days!

irene macwilliam said...

I can remember so well juggling the text to get a good look to the pages. I am looking forward to reading it. Seems like you have a good size production when I count the pages in the photo.
Having hyperlinks in the online version will be great. Thanks in advance for all your work.