09 December 2014

Tuesday is drawing day - glass gallery, V&A, last week

I chose to "collect" candlesticks, 18th century candlesticks, largely because of the bent brown candles here and there in the display -

White glass - in imitation of porcelain, which had just come into popularity. The flowers on this were minutely painted, wonderful -
 My candlestick collection -
The glass "blobs" turned objects upside down and concentrated the alternation of dark and light made by the windows and walls. So even when the glass had a "simple" shape, there we lots going on.

I didn't draw this one, though -
18th century Spanish candlestick
As there were only three of us, we were able to go to the Friends' Room, which was much quieter than the cafe with its tiled, sound-reflective surfaces -
I may have said this before, but one of the best things about drawing in a small group, and showing what we've done, is the exposure to the others' chosen objects. Mike was looking intently at the contemporary glass -
Room 129 (via)
and Janet had chosen what turned out to be toy bugles -
as well as the swirly bottles on the lower shelf.

After coffee we continued drawing ... I got out some colour and immersed myself in voluptuous greenness -
Many of the cases are in the process of rearrangement and relabelling, and these objects had no label, nor have I been able to find the image online.

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