14 December 2014

Easy-peasy nibbley things

Ingredients - puff pastry, tomatoes, black olives, feta, herbs (eg basil) -- and olive oil

Heat oven to 200C

Cut the ends off 12 tomatoes and cut in half; chop 9 olives very fine, and chop 9 thin slices feta very fine.

Lay the tomatoes on the rolled pastry (this is half a packet) and cut into squares

Transfer to baking tray 

Adorn the tomatoes with olives and feta, separately or as a mixture
(the feta has a mind of its own - press it firmly onto the tomato)
Bake 15 mins or until golden; sprinkle with finely-chopped herbs

They are very nice  served still warm, with the pastry all crispy and the tomato so juicy

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