17 December 2014

Ice blue amid the books

At Westminster Art Reference Library, a carefully-chosen exhibition of photos of Antarctica by Brian Rybolt
One corner of the show
Brian's photographic odyssey to the South Shetland islands earlier this year resulted in some 4000 photos - he's drawn to ice and snow, and will be heading to Iceland next.

"Glacial Renderings" is up till 20 December; see more of Brian's ice-blue photos on his website.

The library provides a sizeable exhibtion space, and when possible supplements it with book displays on the theme of the show. It also has vitrines to show smaller collections of art. With it's old-fashioned decor and "atmosphere", it's been used as a location in films.
Walls of books on the arts (via)
Libraries: use 'em or lose 'em....

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