08 December 2014

Jerwood Drawing Prize

The 2014 exhibition finished on 26 October; another show, with yet more interesting drawing, will be along next year. It's a show that's always worth seeing, as "drawing" is an almost limitless category of artistic practice. The winner this year was a sound piece ... very hard to photograph! Although "drawing" can be many things - including gesture that leaves no trace - I'm just not sure whether sound falls into that category - what do you think?

That said, these caught my eye -
Enigma II by Hilary Ellis
"The use of thread as a medium contributes to the individuality of the marks,
 bringing another dimension to the repetitive process," she says.

Untitled (for Ian Welsh) by Alex Chalmers

Zoe Maslen, "The Absents Presence, Hair Drawing"
Pencil, 250 x 150 cm

Charcoal drawings beguile with the qualities of the medium

Hugh Gillan, "Heap" (with detail)
Charcoal pencil on gesso, sanded and erased and built up again - 
"this continual process slowly eroded the fragile gesso ground,echoing the ruined environment"

There are no owls #1 by Gary Edwards
with a layer of reflections

detail of the gouged surface
"What concerns me is the patina, building up layers of graphite, working and reworking,
adding and taking away, creating histories of mark making" says the artist

Download the catalogue here. Page 28 shows Hannah Downing's magnificent oak tree, which gleamed and glistened when you looked up into the graphite rendering of its branches.

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