15 December 2014

Garden landscaping

Work on the front garden is at last underway. Treated railway sleepers and paving stones have been ordered, and sat in situ for a couple of weeks, along with extra earth from leveling the site, neatly bagged -
Those bags (and parts of the previous boiler were joined by yet more bags of rubbish from the flat under renovation - to a total weight of 1015kg - a ton of rubbish.

Rather than pay £200 to have it removed, the lads decided to do it themselves. It needed several trips in the hired van, but even before the removal was complete the garden was looking so much better -
Paving is needed for access to the bike shed, and the rest of the area will have spring bulbs (not this year) and ground cover. The ivy will be cut back and the hole in the hedge filled in, I hope with something fragrant.

When I moved here the privet was flourishing ... it died back to one lonely survivor .. and  the box hedge, near the bin, was about 8" tall. That was 20 years ago!

Here's the most recent shot - with the wall in place. Obviously more paving stones are needed - not quite filling the garden, leaving room for areas of planting -

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