09 November 2015

Bike ride in Annecy

Here comes the photographer
Our rental bikes
At 10am the end of the lake is misty
Lawnmowing was going on - an uphill job
The sound of cowbells!
Moving to a different pasture - with the help of sheepdogs (cowdogs?)
So peaceful!
Spot the "castle" (this is at Duingt, a medieval hamlet) - there's another one down at the lakeside

Into ...
... and through the tunnel, where once train tracks ran
Remembering the days of the train line
Autumn on the lake
 This was the highlight of the holiday, especially those cowbells and the diligent dogs helping to keep them in line. It was lovely to cycle away from the traffic, under the autumnal trees. We didn't have a a map and found out later we'd been almost to the end of the track, the end of the lake. With quite a bit of stopping for photography, and for lunch, we got the bikes back within the half-day time slot - certainly the longest ride either of us had been on for years, if not decades.

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Sue Sharples said...

Looks lovely - envy you seeing the countryside and such a calm bike ride!