05 November 2015

Idle browsing

To go with your cup of tea, you pull a book off the shelf and spend a few minutes flipping through, looking at the pictures...

This was in "Art Made Modern: Roger Fry's Vision of Art", and it captivated me -
Andre Derain, 1914, Picasso's House at Avignon
Or you're looking for something specific on the internet, and scroll and scroll ... then rather than finding what you were looking for, something else marvellous appears ...

This was in among a search for Japanese woodblock printing tools -
Negishi Japan, 1916, by Charles W Bartlett
Or you have a quick look at a short video and one thing leads to another and you find yourself watching a whole series...

... for instance the woodblock cutting and printing videos by David Bull, especially the "Ukiyo-e heroes - taking favourite video game heroes and putting them back in the ukiyo-e style" and the Great Wave series - they are available here -

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Felicity said...

you know when you posted this yesterday I was out buying various woodblock printing supplies!!

and have a look at this - very inspiring video by a Scottish printmaker trained in Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtqQCoUx564

and this is his website http://www.paulfurneaux.com/