06 November 2015

Process, procedure ... project

The project has the working title Paint Chart - it's to be based on a Farrow & Ball chart and requires lots of paint "chips". Oh my, what have I bitten off with this one ... more than I can chew in the time remaining, perhaps! 

Finding the 48 colours is well underway - about 36 are now cut to size and bagged up -
The numbers denote the page that the colour came from - no, it wasn't a matter of cutting up the page, but of mixing colour till it matched, which sometimes took several tries -
Matches for some of the near-misses might be, have been, found elsewhere in the dictionary.

When a page has been matched and "chipped", it gets a marker -
I'm aiming to get a good distribution not just of colours but of letters of the alphabet ... that earlier section needs attention, not much going on there yet.

(You can see the sad state of disrepair of the book. Still thinking about how to deal with that.)

The page number, and headwords, get entered into a Notes file and I type in the definitions from last-century's dictionary -
It's almost time to do a layout for the printed part of the chart. I dread to think of what pitfalls there may be in that ... onward and upward!

While painting and cutting I've been catching up on episodes of Inside Science - the one with listeners' questions was particularly good - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06c0cj5 - and there are many more on the Radio 4 website.

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Kaja said...

I like paint charts anyway but Farrow and Ball is one of the very best; it will be fascinating to see how this works out.