20 November 2015

Discerning Eye exhibition

I popped in to Mall Galleries to have a quick look and ended up with some photos of works that struck me in some way. It's good to have longer look and try to figure out what the attraction was.

Inside and outside space, awareness raised through drawing class

Chicken scratches on bits of cardboard? You couldn't "copy" this,
it would have to come from some sort of personal well

The colours, peaceful yet exciting, with an enigmatic subject

Laquered(?) paper - gorgeous

One of several pieces of sculpture made from what looked like grating

Colour, and figures ... moderately interesting; nice grouping

Loved this. Mysterious and slightly scary, a touch of
 the Giottos perhaps; and that number 11, did it just drift down?

Large piece with edgy collaged element

Still life of studio, with cubic "sweeties" scattered
among the jars of brushes - why not?!

Grouping of landscapes, including three sunk into wide, mitred, painted frames

Small sketchbook in hinged box, great idea

Pleasant, pleasant pictures, easy on the eye and mind; salve to the spirit

Monoprint and machine stitch, tones and colour

Lion Girl by Julia Hamilton - darks and lights

Work by some of those shortlisted for the drawing bursary -

Miranda Ellis
Blaze Cyan
The show has an online gallery - here - 451 works by 195 artists.

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