17 November 2015

Drawing Tuesday - Museum of London

We were to meet in the room with the 2012 Cauldron display, but when I got there the room had disappeared! Consternation! And where was everyone, anyway? (This was last week, and part of my mind was on the book project that was waiting at home.)

Actually the room was still there, just not where I remembered it. The others had been driven away by the large school group that had taken over the room, but made contact by text. Thoughts of books faded; I was ready to draw. Soon the room cleared and - apart from the incessant audio loop - was peaceful. 

The forms used for shaping the copper petals made a great display - each one different -
 I drew what was nearest -
At certain moments in the repeated showing of important olympic moments involving the Cauldron, the lighting in the room changed and some great shadows appeared -
I used soluble graphite, but entirely the wrong way round - from dark to light, rather than building up layers, starting with the lightest -
 Janet K looked at clothing from the 60s, and a Pearly King's outfit -
Janet B was captivated by a Vespa -
 Not content with a Sabbath lamp from the 1700s -
 Sue also captured the interesting shapes of some iron heel brackets used when horse riding -
Cathy thought she'd seen "that shield" somewhere else, and sure enough, it's a replica of one kept in the British Museum -
Carol had been drawing on her own, unaware that other people come to museums - in groups, no less - to indulge in this pasttime; she came and joined us in the cafe. She had added some celtic metalwork to some pots drawn previously at the Petrie Museum -

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Stitchinscience said...

Terrific drawing by all Margaret. I didn't realise the cauldron forms were in the museum - that's another visit on my "to do" list.