25 November 2015

Finishing off the year's JQs

My journal quilts this year (size 6"x12") contain fabrics stitched on various train journeys, and others stitched at home, at the studio table under the window (with the radiator, under the window, making it cosy, and Radio 4 as company). Which fabrics were stitched on which journey doesn't really matter - the JQs, for me, are a way of continuing to use fabric on a more or less regular basis. Also I like the gathering and steaming and combining of the smaller pieces - these have been steamed and "relaxed" and their combinations are auditioning -
The small bits might get used in JQs, or they might become the basis of a ceramic piece. And there are some larger "all-in-one"s being stitched for the final JQs.
What the pieces look like when gathered is always a surprise - sometimes needing amendment with stitches added into some areas.

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