01 November 2015

Complementary colour chart

Since the "drawing on the ipad" course two weeks ago I've been practising (will show some results ... eventually!) and have also discovered other uses for the Brushes app at least.

For instance, it has a useful colour wheel for choosing colours, and it has an "Invert colours" function that you can apply to the current layer. I needed to find the complementary shade to some paints in tubes, and guesswork was getting me nowhere.

Matching a colour on paper to a colour on screen requires a bit of guesswork too, it turned out.

Here are my best efforts for matching cobalt blue and ultramarine; the ultramarine match isn't all that good...
More daubs of colour, more scribbles to try them out, and a chart of each of the colours and its opposite number, which was found through inverting the colours and using the colour picker to move the complementary from the screen into the chart.
Both versions contain some of my paint colours, and the inverse of others, all mixed up.
 One can, of course, be systematic and tidy!
The final version was prepared by taking screen shots of the two versions, putting them into a new layer, and labelling the paint colours -
Added bonus: I discovered that by zooming in to about 480% it's possible to write quite neatly with a fingertip - the line stays 5 pixels wide, and at that amount of zoom it's as wide as your finger!

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Sue Sharples said...

Have you seen the Manga display at small room on Right entering BM?? A video of work on a cartoon showing shading etc using iPad l reckon? Sue