03 November 2015

Drawing Tuesday - on the ipad

Filling the small sketchbook bought specially for the trip to Annecy didn't exactly go according to plan, but evenings at the flat were a good time to do some ipad drawing, based on photos taken during the day. (Mind you, it didn't happen every day!)

One drawing started with the pattern on an 18th century chest in the castle museum -
I used many layers - first to outline the shapes -
 Then with a wider brush to colour in, using traditional paint colours

Not quite - some darker lines make a difference - as does the position of the layer, under rather than over the coloured layers -

A natural subject, crabapples; the opacity is reduced so that the drawn lines can be seen (these are too thin)  -
The real leaves didn't look right, nor do these fantasy leaves -
The "dynamic" features in Brushes are used for the little starry bits on the crabapples.

Next, using the motif as a repeat, and erasing the fill-colour layer to reveal it -

I'm loving the "creative tracing" and finding a few things that work for me. I've certainly learned the importance of checking that you're working on the intended layer, and am also finding some things that would be easier in Photoshop or Indesign than in Brushes, but that's by the by.

Keeping a record of experiments, eg what happens when you change the parameters for different kinds of brushes -
More drawings -
Traced from a photo

Playing with colour

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Heather Dubreuil said...

Such endless possibilities, Margaret. Good for you for persisting with the iPad drawing experience. I can see how this kind of play with both line and colour could lead to some wonderful and useful discoveries.

Charlton Stitcher said...

This is most interesting. I have tried Brushes without much success. I even have difficulty open past files. More perseverance is clearly needed judging from your lovely pieces. I downloaded iColourama to play with on my current trip, though so far I've had no time to play with it.