15 July 2016

At the library

Who needs to search the library shelves when the librarians at Crouch End comes up with such good displays?  
Having read about the Wainright Prize (here) and fantasised about my friends - who are scattered all round the world - coming together to read and discuss the books on the list, I was thrilled to see this gathering of the actual books, and restricted myself to borrowing just one ... a walk through England, along the Icknield Way. Already I've identified a few places that I fantasise visiting - St Catherine's Chapel near Abbotsbury, and Seahenge (photo here) at the other end. Well, one can dream; and it might happen one day (at the moment I'm hardly an intrepid traveller).

Round the back of that display, this one - celebrating  Beatrix Potter, born 28 July 1866 -
The tempting book on Herdwick sheep stayed in the library. I'm making my way through The White Road ... which has 66 chapters; some are quite short. Hope to finish it before it requires renewing yet again -


Linda B. said...

What an interesting idea - a book display in a library. Makes a great change from the tacky sales display in my local library!

apiecefullife said...

I love reading your blog. So many interesting and useful bits of information. Last year we did Wainwrights Coast to Coast although we strung it out a bit longer instead of the 12 sections as described. a wonderful adventure. I must look up some of those books, the Icknield Way Haven't heard of that.
ps we start the Pennine way on Monday!