05 July 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Golders Hill Park

Knowing there was a little aviary and zoo area, I thought to draw the animals, but even the ring-tailed lemurs and their network of ropes didn't tempt me.
Wandering around, I came upon The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly by Jake and Dinos Chapman -
The sun was coming out, and I set to work, trying to "really see" just one, from different angles -
and then to capturevthe others, quickly -
That looks too much like a child's drawing for my liking, but Sue offered reassurance: "you can work on it some more at home". As if I was likely to  get round to that!

[Thought I'd have a go at this point in writing the blog post - but a bit of a drama involving a gas leak happened just then. Consequences uncertain, but the situation not good. Thus does Life get in the way of Art.]

Back at the park, some of the choices of subject were determined by being able to find a nice bench to sit on -
Carol's studies of heuchera

Sue's capricious tree (she found it tricky to keep track of which branch was where)

Janet's statue - a cupid juggling fish - drawn from a distance
Adjoining Golders Hill Park is The Pergola, built in 1906 and largely restored after this article was written; faded glory it may be, but moody and eerie? maybe on a dank day -

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This is simply amazing. Kindly check this and let me know ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP654N3iVtg