26 July 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Museum of London

We roamed all over the museum. I was rather hankering after a skeleton, and found this big chunk of bone in the first gallery -
It's the left rear foot of a 300,000 year old elephant, and I got to know it quite well, using six different media, which makes for a crowded page. I seem to have paid more attention to the shape of the bones, rather then to the scale and proportions -
Top left, blind drawing with HB pencil; top right, 4B and 8B, starting at the centre.
Middle left, soluble HB, with some measuring; right, Lumograph EE pencil, first making an outline then doing the filling in.
Bottom left, ivory black watercolour pencil, right V-ball pen (and quite fed up at that point).
I'm not tempted to use water with the soluble HB or the watercolour pencil ... not even sure how to go about it! (A few tips are here and here. No excuses!) (And for coloured pencils, this is basic, a way to start.)

Najlaa enjoyed the pattering of a Chinese plate -
 Carol immersed herself in patterning too - some decorated floor tiles -
Sue found a collection of cooking implements -
 Janet found an architectural model that more than filled the page -

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