20 July 2016

Meanwhile, back at the flat...

Living room ready for plastering

... and doesn't it need it!

The kitchen is spared "attention" at this point
Everything had to be moved to any available space
(so many tools in the bathroom!)
And once the plasterer had gone -
I can finally get to my closet!

and the tools have been taken to a job site
Freshly plastered
 Areas of disorder do remain -

And while the Project Manager was on holiday, the electricity went off and the freezer puddled onto the (plaster covered) floor.......

People keep telling me "it'll be worth it in the end" - I hope one day soon I'll at least feel there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

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patty a. said...

Margaret are you living there while this is going on? I have live in homes while they are remodeled and it can be very trying. Hang in there. When do you expect to be done?