13 July 2016

Encounter with a Constable

A recent Talk and Draw at the National Gallery was based on this painting by John Constable - The Cornfield (1826) -
Using the whiteboard pens that were handed out, we drew "blind" for a minute - getting the flow going - and then did it again on the other half of the folded paper -
 Then again on the larger sheet, noticing the tonality and not forgetting the sky -
Pencils and more paper (smaller size) were handed out, but I stuck with the marker-
sketching in the main features
finished (?) version

 At the end of the session we were invited to lay down our work for all to see. I was very impressed by the way the marker was used on the right, and on the left of the final photo -

 Aiming for that boldness of tone "next time".

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