19 July 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Wallace Collection

Most of us were in the armour rooms (fascinating stuff, armour).

This was my view -
And this is the shadowy blind that you see in the reflections; an appealing contrast of soft and hard -
Janet suggested I draw everything I can see, rather than a single object, so I filled the left page and then went on to the right, adding some shading and a bit of colour here and there -
Joyce filled a page with "single items", mostly made in G
 Sue set to work capturing the shadows on a blind, but the angle of sun kept changing and then disappeared altogether (a prelude to being caught in the rain on the way to lunch) -
She loaded a waterbrush with colour from  the grey Neocolour crayon, then painted the colour onto the page. Her other drawings use mainly biro, with some of the grey Neocolour in the corset -
 Carol found "two strong women" (to echo a theme in recent news) elsewhere in the building, and enjoyed the smoothness -
 Janet's two drawings (horses of course) show the result of spending more time with each image -

 Tool of the week - both Sue and I had our sets of Lumocolour pencils with us. Sue's 2B has been getting lots of use -
whereas my HB had gone missing; it's replacement is a dark, waxy Lumocolour EE, which has the advantage of not smearing.

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Sue Sharples said...

Hurrah, you retrieved the camera!