06 July 2016

Britain from the Air exhibition

The "Britain from the Air" touring exhibition fills the sunken garden of the Royal Geographical Society, Kensington, until 12 July. Then it travels to Birmingham.
"...from the air"
The rusting sea forts of the Thames estuary, remnants of WW2 -
 Click on the image to read the description - or try this link -
The photo of the "hawthorn heart" was accompanied by a description panel full of information about apples! -
The remains of the village on St Kilda make a wonderful abstract pattern -
"There is evidence that people have lived on and visited St Kilda for thousands of years, since the Stone Age. Traditionally the community relied on seabirds for food because it was too stormy to fish regularly. They developed special ways of catching the birds; wind-drying and storing them in small stone huts called cleits. More than 1400 of these remain as relics of the past on the islands. The remains of the village with its layout of stone houses, dry-stone walled fields and enclosures can be found on the largest island, Hirta. The local Soay sheep, unchanged on the island for more than 3000 years, are the most primitive breed surviving in Europe. "

The exhibition is also online -  almost 100 pictures, and their description panels, to peruse.

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Kathleen Loomis said...

wow! I've seen two out of the three that you showed! (the sea forts and St Kilda)

I'll check out the rest of the photos online