03 July 2016

Drawing at Kew Gardens

It's not that I'm besotted with drawing on the ipad, it's just that I don't seem to be doing a lot else in the drawing line of things at the moment. And taking the ipad along gives me an excuse, if one is needed, to sit in the warmth and clatter of a cafe with an almost-empty cup of coffee.

On the way to Kew Gardens I tried drawing some "travel-lines" -
Is it the surface of the ipad that's too smooth, or is it the track? Very uninteresting! The thin lines near the top are the result of some experimentation with "dynamic" options ... hoping to overcome the smoothness and get some bumpy interest into the lines.

What works for me is adding in the writing - zooming (spreading?) to 1000% or so means that a chubby finger - and thin line width, 2 or 3 pixels - can write most delicately.

At Kew, unexpectedly torrential rain gave time for more sitting inside and more experimentation - this pot plant on a nearby table was done from scratch - ie, no photo underlying it and "merely" being traced. It's all one layer ... just like drawing on a bit of paper.
oops, suddenly I see there's a bit of stem missing! Also, it might help with balance to make the pot a solid colour -

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Kathleen Loomis said...

I totally empathize with your desire to get some more bump into the lines! Recently I was doing my daily drawing on an airplane and got marvelous jagged lines while we were taxiing. I have considered drawing on top of the washer or dryer while they work to see if I can replicate the effect.