10 September 2016

Day out in Canterbury

Though the driver of the 10.07 was delayed on "a late running train", he eventually ran to the cab and we set off about 40 minutes late and went "fast to Faversham", arriving about 20 minutes later than scheduled. Most people had given up and taken other trains, so it was a quiet ride in an empty train through the sun-soaked countryside. 

Mags met me at the station and we walked the city walls, noting (in ground that has been empty [of buildings] since the 12th century) this enormous tree stump -
 and the fall of light on the old stones of the towers -
before reaching ye olde centre of town, with noticeably fewer tourists than in past weeks -
 and the angels on the cathedral gate as bored as ever -
 We lunched at the fabric emporium, which has a fabric-related decoration in its coffee shop -

and shared our on-the-go stitching - Mags is making quilty postcards from those scrappy edges you get when trimming a quilt -

Then to the main purpose of the day - I wanted to see my Suturing book, not to mention the rest of the Prescriptions exhibition (it's on till 24 Sept) -
A small, beige thing is my Suturing
Two of many "favourites" -

 Alas, I didn't photograph the descriptions of these - one is about tattoos, the other 
about anaesthesia (via the story of Sleeping Beauty) -
Cube magnets used front and back to hold the work on the (metal?) wall of the case -

 Elsewhere at The Beaney -
One of Elizabeth Frink's 19 etchings for Canterbury Tales, 1972
Light from the wonderful windows, photo by Mags
... I somehow missed seeing this, too much else to look at!

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