14 September 2016

Dippy chimneypots - first week

The actual name of the course has "architecture" somewhere in the title, so I reckoned my chimneypots would fit right in. Though I'd also love to do something with slabs ... a "spooky corner" perhaps, developing those made during the foundation course some years back.
Demo of adding yummy textures to slabs
The textile proto-pots have been in the making for some weeks, and I took a selection to re-acquaint myself with the technicalities of dipping. The pot of porcelain slip is only about a third full and quite thick, but let's see how it turns out.

First, some views of the pottery studio at Morley College -

As for the pots - some of these went under this week -
The drip-dry stage is accomplished with the help of thread, sticks, and tubes -

One little pot is left standing on its own - the rest are on a high shelf, drying out till next week.

Meanwhile, more pots are "under the needle" - perhaps subconsciously affected by my drawing last Tuesday -


Charlton Stitcher said...

I always enjoy your quirky little pots and further insight into their making is always a pleasure. I'm fascinated by the last one still 'under the needle'. It has a lovely texture and delicate form. Will this also be dipped or will it stay as is?

Sandy said...

I love these pots! Can't wait to see what they become and how they develop for this course.