09 September 2016

Stitching away

Since clearing out my scrap boxes and gathering up scraps for making "chimneypots", I've been making good progress with them. The box of bits travels around the house and garden,
and a bag with precut threads lives in my backpack for stitching on tubes and trains as I catch up on podcasts (though sometimes this happens in the garden too) -
On my design wall -
Before the reorganisation of scrap boxes
Two weeks later
The recent pots are heavily stitched -
The one on the left is part of a fancy skirt from the charity shop, with metallic thread added. The one with the white lines was once a leaf made with metallic organza; I hope the heavy stitching with thick thread will leave a white area -
Another bit of the skirt is ready for a sprinking of glass beads -
They'll be photographed individually before slip-dipping and firing. Much of this is still experimental, to see what kinds of fabric and types of stitch work best.

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