20 September 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Camden Arts Centre

The Making & Unmaking exhibition was full of textile interest - I'd already been twice, and was intrigued by the Anya Gallacio's nets strung round the garden -
 Their structure more complicated than an ordinary net - more like lace -
 This time I got excited about the glinting silvery snails trails -
But they led nowhere, in drawing terms. Instead, warm-up with a garden medley, enjoying the sunshine and shade -
In the exhibition, Rodney McMillian's Shirts 1-6 pretty much filled a wall - "recycled shirts, fabric, thread" - the added fabric making strange folds, leaving the shirts wearable, but would you? -
 Mags had worked in her "exhibition sketchbook", to which she adds relevant photos and notes (her annotated view of the exhibition is here) -
 ... and also in her general sketchbook -
 Najlaa found, among other things, a carpet design from the 1920s -
 Carol studied details of the knotting on a huge indigo ... what ... figure? suit of armour?
 Jo found sculptures of interest in the garden -
Coincidence of the week -
Later, back home, I tried to colour-in my quick sketch of a fabulous huge painting by Marina Adams, but without the magenta - an unmixable colour - it didn't work. (I now have a tube of magenta on hand and will try again.) -
The other sketches are of stuffed fabric pieces by Caroline Achaintre - "her work draws on Primitivism and Expressionism".

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Charlton Stitcher said...

Your drawing Tuesday posts always fascinate me with the.variety of different articles the members of the group choose to draw. This one is especially varied - thank you for the pleasure.