13 September 2016

Drawing Tuesday - King's Place

This sculpture is near the entrance of King's Place, so I drew it from a distance while sat comfortably with a coffee while waiting for the others. (I arrived early so as to have that coffee...) Someone suggested that the sculpture behind the pillar might be more to my taste -
And it was, though people intent on phone conversations would insist on standing in front of it ...
At one point, several actually, I was ready to throw in the towel -
 But eventually most things joined up - oh how satisfying when they did!
There's lots to draw at King's Place, from boats and sculpture outside to sculpture and people inside, and architecture here and there.
Sue walked along the canal to find the gasometers

Janet used her various pencils, including the 8B

Carol found boats across the canal

Najlaa found a wonderful yellow sculpture downstairs
Afterwards I had a look at the self-portraits in the gallery downstairs (till 24 Sept). Two of my favourites -
Shani Rhys James, Pink Flock (painted on flock wallpaper) 2009

Charlotte Hodes, Self Portrait as Ornament
 Outside -
Canal view

Inadvertent office sculpture

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