30 September 2016

Strolling around Petersham and Ham

The fingerpost indicates the "Dry route during flooding" - we're walking near the Thames

A glimpse of Petersham Nurseries - the cafe is said to have excellent cake

Captain Vancouver (1757-1798) is buried at St Peter's Church

At the grand entrance to Montrose House

Quaint signage elsewhere

Baffling sign (maybe) near the German School

The Petersham lock-up

Built in 1894, the church was never consecrated . On the gate is carved:
All Saints Church | Private Residence

Lunch stop at YMCA cafe on the site of the former Hawker Siddeley factory

Grand houses (and boathouses, and boats) along the Thames

Another iconic signpost, this time including "Toilets ... Open Business Hours"

Marks the lower limit of the Thames Conservancy in 1909, when the
tidal Thames was transferred to the City of London

Around the corner is Richmond; the large building is the former Star and Garter Home,
opened in 1916; it's being converted to private residences

Hammerton's Ferry is the last privately-owned foot ferry on the tidal Thames.

Signage and a sitting place.
The Thames Path is 184 miles long.

An ideal day for canoeing. 

"Due to Submerged debris, Strong currents, Pollutants"

Making our way back to Richmond Station, across Old Palace Green

Ah, that late-day light on old buildings....

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patty a. said...

Thanks for all the lovely pictures. There seems to be lots to see on a stroll in that area. Much more interesting than a walk where I live.