19 September 2016

Identifying birds by sight and sound

Day course run by the Field Studies Council at the Olympic Park. Getting there was "interesting" and unfortunately there was an inescapable music event with eight booming sound stages, but in true british spirit we carried on regardless! Fortunately, after some hours in the wetland area of the park getting the "jizz" of various birds, we could retreat to a quiet room in the Velodrome and use online resources to compare different species. 

Recommended resources -

Apologies for fuzzy pic; it shows the useful feature of  collected birds in their habitat

Of the apps, Bird Guide by Ispiny was recommended.

Online resources abound, no doubt - the BTO website has videos, and BirdID has quizzes and an exam. Much to investigate... what I'm looking for is a site that compares birdsongs....

Edward often got out the Collins book to point out differences between juveniles and mature birds

"Haunt of coot and hen"
Mallards - note the curly tail feathers, regrown after the moult

Keeping an eye on some goldfinches
Will I be able to make sense of the notes?

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