06 September 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Petrie Museum

This is not the Petrie Museum - it's another building at University College London, overshadowing the courtyard where we had coffee ... and very glad of the shadow, as it was a bright, warm afternoon.

Inside, the temperature was cool and there were lots of pots to draw, some with intriguing breaks, joins and holes -
I started with a well-repaired one, attracted by the patterning -
and moved on to this one -
Mags also drew pots, using a variety of media (see her post on this for explanation, and better photo - all that shade got the camera confused)-
As did Sue -
Janet B drew a skeleton in a pot -
Jo's figurine was also fired clay -
Surely Janet K's lamp-bearer was clay too? -
Carol drew tiny alabaster vases (life size) and then discovered drawers to pull out, full of treasures from tombs -
Technique of the week comes from Mags - using the tip of a mechanical pencil, without a lead, to score the paper before adding marks/shading. That leaves white lines -

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Charlton Stitcher said...

Now that scoring technique is one to try! Your drawing day posts are always full of useful tips and materials.