13 February 2017

Blasts from the past - Feb 2014

1. A project that never happened - I was gathering an alphabet from street signs near me, thinking to "cut out" details of the letters, for a concertina book that would include a map of the locations. There's a Quex Road somewhere quite nearby, which would have taken care of those two difficult letters, Q and X. 

Some of the lettering is "old style"; Univers Bold Condensed, designed by Adrian Frutiger, is used on most London street signs.

(Everything you could possibly want to know about UK roads and road signs is here; is there a similar site for London street signs? I've been searching for a while and haven't found one ...but this is fun.)

2. My gung-ho project three years ago was making the Binders Keepers and the Sewing Companions ... and wasn't the sewing room in a deliciously creative state!
It's in a different sort of state now, and I've rather lost  interest in making these lovely things, but the various fabrics gathered for them are still in the back of a cupboard, waiting ... reproaching me?

Sometimes projects fade away, and sometimes you want to get going on them again ... something comes along and gives them new life, makes them relevant and compelling, changes them from UFOs to WIPs. (Or vice versa.)

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