22 February 2017

Jeux d'esprit

It's surprising what turns up during a thorough clearout. These smallish, double-sided bags were made about 10 years ago and have so far resisted all attempts to move on...

... so why not send them into the world via a blog giveaway? If you'd like to enter, send me your details via the contact form in the sidebar. This is open for a week, till 28 February, to be drawn on 1 March.

I did enjoy making them from bits of this'n'that, starting with a long strip of fabric and collecting various "bits" to decorate it, and handles, then sewing the sides together and adding handles (as you do).


patty a. said...

It is always surprising what I find when I do some major cleaning although I still have not found the extra garage door opener and a tube of lipstick that I have been looking for. I guess I need to go deeper!

patty a. said...

Just to let you know I tried to use the contact form but I am not sure it worked. It said "sending" but nothing seemed to happen.