25 February 2017

Last lap

The house is ready for the moving van. Anything left goes to freecycle, charity shops, or the bin next week. End of an era!
These go home with me - except for the ironing board

The bags and boxes go to the charity shop

These go to Scotland, along with much more
Anything left in the loft?

What will happen to Esmerelda?

Tony's photos come with me, for sifting and sorting
Reminders of how it was, during the clearing -

During the House Clearing weekend - "take it away and leave a donation"


Plum Cox said...

Big changes. Good luck with it all!

Sandy said...

Wish there was a way for me to acquire Esmerelda. I am having a solo show at Lady Sew and sew next month. Showing my wearables. Some of the 'ensembles' would be better showing on 2 different dummies.

But, you could ask at one of the newer London sewing clubs/schools.(a follow up to Sewing Bee.)
If they don't want one, one of their students might.
And even City Lit has courses.
PS well done for the progress!

beatrice De said...

Did you sell your house ?
What are you going to do in Scotland ? I am very emotioneted !