28 February 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Hunterian Museum

We wanted to fit in another session at the Hunterian before it closes in May. The entire building is being redeveloped (it was redone only 30 years ago), only the facade left; when it reopens, the museum will be on the ground floor, rather than up the grand staircase. Perhaps the august Surgeons don't want hoi polloi invading "their" spaces as they visit the museum?

As usual, there were things in jars and bits of bones and surgical instruments to draw - unusually, there was a loud "soundscape", including the piercing and unstoppable sounds of a machine, accompanying a film or some sort, somehow. Not much fun for the people who have to work there every day - and can't turn the volume down.
Jo found a quiet place and tackled the thing she could see best - the pamphlet rack

Carol found interesting details of instruments

Complementary fish by Najlaa

A quartet of Hartmann's crocodile forceps and scissors, by Judith

Sue's bones

The suturing instruments, found in a pull-out drawer, relate
to my "Suturing" book, exhibited last year

Janet B's many drawings included this display of instruments by
Austrian ophthalmologist Edward Jaeger

Janet K spent a long time with the first drawing, then
repeated it in a matter of minutes (the femurs look almost human, don't they?)
 Extracurricular activities -
Janet K has started drawing on the bus

Janet B was in Dundee last week and made many drawings in the museum
Carol is creating a storybook for her grandson

Sue put finishing touches on her complicated drawing from last week

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beatrice De said...

I like sketches book. I have kept some of Bernard.