26 February 2017

Moving along

"Ghost furniture" wrapped and ready

It made us smile
The van arrived mid-afternoon (we were grateful for the extra packing time). All that stuff, those big pieces of furniture, will fit into that little thing? The movers said they have 20 years' experience of doing this -
It's a puzzle how it will all fit in

Starting to fill up

Four strong men try to close the doors

 Another van will be picking up the leftovers and taking them to storage in Glasgow -
The 8-legged bedstead was built by Tony; the office chair came, during
an office refurbishment, from my old job (so many memories, and
so good that these items will go on to a new life
The house reveals its large rooms ...
The minimal kitchen/dining room
 An unfortunate incident during the moving - Storm Doris slammed the window shut and there was an almighty crashing, tinkling noise -
 120-year-old glass, shattered
 With the furniture (almost) gone, the clearup continues -
Books have been taken to the Oxfam bookshop, Portobello Road
Items like these are going on Freecycle -

Goodbye, goodbye... and on to a (slightly) different life, soon.

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beatrice De said...

Are you moving ? For where ? Gives me your new adresse please, on my mail.