06 February 2017

Regaining serenity

This morning provided an opportunity to take a carload of things from "the weekend studio" to the flat. Many books were among these things. Nor is this quite all the things from the studio and house ... the sewing machine and printer are still there.

For the past two weeks I've been sifting through the studio contents and piling things in one place -
Here it is on my doorstep, hastily bundled together and waiting to be carried up the final sets of stairs -
 The living room in temporary turmoil -
 ... and in the studio, the floor is in danger of disappearing again -
 With some careful selection of same-sized books, many were sequestered behind the desk -
 ... and once again the room looks more tranquil -
One room needs to be serene and welcoming. Then the rest can be tackled, one bag at a time.

1 comment:

Sue Sharples said...

Gosh, just when your flat was returning to normal! Am sure storing areas will be found - just temporary turmoil. Sue x