05 February 2017

Sorting ... postcards

When the box fell off a shelf, it was a signal. These arty postcards, avidly collected in the early 90s, when I started doing art and textile courses, needed to be moved on. They'll be going to a charity that does art therapy with children, The Art Room.

Some of the cards had fallen out, and seeing the writing on the back I started going through and taking these "personal" ones out. Wonderful to see the different handwritings, each conjuring up the sender. (I also found quite a few that I'd written but hadn't sent.) All to be kept for future perusal.

The cards had been filed by category -
"Feet" contained just five cards -
(click on image to enlarge)
I took out a few "interesting" cards to keep, and some "series" to photograph, just for the memory.

Also I finally went through years of accumulated Christmas cards - why keep them bundled up if you never look at them? A photo will serve as well -

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